Xbox Fan Had A Great Feature Idea, And Xbox Head Phil Spencer Noticed

Xbox consoles could allow you to pick and choose which games get auto-updated, thanks to a request from a fan. A Twitter user asked Xbox head Phil Spencer to add the feature, and Spencer took the suggestion as a good one and said he'd pass it along to the team.

 Specifically, the user cited managing his ISP's data caps, as well as the occasional long wait for an update to a game that had its updates queued behind others that he didn't need. This comes just after some users have been frustrated by large update sizes for games like Modern Warfare and Apex Legends.

 Xbox owners do suggest feature ideas often, but it's unusual for Spencer to personally comment on them. At the same time, this is no guarantee the feature will ever appear. The suggestion wasn't specifically made regarding the new generation of consoles, so if the feature does appear it could be in a firmware update on Xbox One, on Xbox Series X, or both. Firmware features do take some time to develop and test, though, so we probably shouldn't expect this to happen in the very near future.

Microsoft has shared a number of technical details and bold ideas for the Xbox Series X, including the ability to suspend multiple games. That may mean an approach giving users more fine control over their libraries, which this feature would also represent. The company hasn't detailed launch details--specifically the date or price--but we know it's coming in 2020. We expect E3 to be the showcase for the new console. For more details, check out everything we know about Xbox Series X

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